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Rhythmic drums, voices
calling the ancestors in unison,
traditional ornate costumes...
this is just the beginning!

Charles Ahovissi is a professional dancer, drummer, performer, choreographer, costume designer and tailor orginally from Benin, West Africa.

As a member of the Ballet National of Benin, Charles toured throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States performing and teaching traditional West African dance, drumming and singing since 1986. Charles wants to share his fascinating culture with America to foster better understanding of Africa and its diverse and beautiful cultures.

Charles' 45-60 minute performance is a wonderful blend of music, dance and narration.

The audience will see three types of traditional West African dance: sacred, royal and popular. Each dance has its own vibrant costumes and traditional music.

Charles Ahovissi often performs with a group of talented African artists, Hwendo. They include master drummers, dancers and a superb storyteller. Charles is available for master classes or teaching residencies which include West Aftican dancing, drumming and crafts.

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Technical Requirements
Stage or large open space (30' x 30'), stage lighting, sound system with microphones, cassette and CD player, and changing room.

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