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Charles Ahovissi
Charles is a professional dancer, drummer, choreographer, costume designer and tailor. He is an approved teaching and performing artist through the Nebraska and Iowa Arts Councils. Charles Ahovissi has participated in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' Seminar," Planning Effective Arts-Integrated Residencies for Students" in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Charles is also artistic director of African Culture Connection, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. Since 1986, Charles has toured throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and the United States as a member of the Ballet National of Benin performing and teaching traditional African dance and drumming. He is an American citizen based in Omaha, Nebraska.

He currently teaches African dance and drumming classes which are open to the public at the University of Nebraska-Omaha in the H.P.E.R. Building. There is a $12 drop in fee. Dancing classes are held on Friday evenings and drumming classes are held on Saturday mornings. Please contact us for more information. GO

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Charles performs with Hwendo – a variety of master drummers, dancers and a storyteller. Their repertoire includes a wide variety of dance which encompass the 3 types of traditional African dance – sacred, royal and popular as well as drumming and storytelling. Charles' and Hwendo's goal in his native language Fon, is "Hwendo" or "Our origin and culture will not disappear." By sharing this culture with others it keeps it alive. They want to foster a better understanding of Africa’s diverse and beautiful cultures by sharing their knowledge, love of Africa, and its fascinating culture with Americans through traditional dancing, drumming and singing.

Charles Ahovissi Recently
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Charles Ahovissi Receives
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